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Fringilla GmbH was founded in 2015 by businesswoman Miriam Hersche; the company has its headquarters in the heart of the Basel region and is entered in the Basellandschaft Commercial Register.


Fringilla montifringilla is the Latin name for the brambling, or mountain finch. The brambling is a type of songbird from the sub-family chaffinch. In the finch family, the brambling exhibits the most distinctive migration behavior. Migration behavior also in the sense of change, transition, which links in very well with economic changes.


I am a business-minded, passionate mountain sports enthusiast and have a strong connection with the mountains and the natural world. I am always captivated by the fascinating and exciting things that nature produces.


Today’s significant change in direction for businesses, to enable them to keep up and be profitable in the face of fierce global competition, increasingly demands quick action and the implementation of appropriate, sustainable solutions.

Spending time in nature and engaging in outdoor sporting activities has already led me to countless good, successful solutions for challenges and problems in the economic environment. Nature is a haven that enables me to reflect properly on the most diverse problems and situations, so I can then start implementing the best solution. In this way, observing and consciously noticing all kinds of natural spectacles (among others, the migration behavior of the brambling), combined with my enjoyment of freedom and fresh air, brings me clarity on a wide range of subjects and challenges. In combination with my broad professional experience over many years at international level, the range of services I offer can bring you the success you seek. Superlative quality, open and honest communication are my top priorities when carrying out your assignments.