Portrait Miriam Hersche

After completing my economic studies, I started my career in investments and securities customer advisory services at UBS, and subsequently worked in private/institutional banking at the Basellandschaftliche Kantonalbank (BLKB).


After around 13 years’ experience on the team in the banking and financial/capital markets, I switched to medical technology, moving to the world’s leading provider of dental implantology, Institut Straumann AG. Initially in Finance & Investor Relations, and later as Director Corporate Human Resources for Asia Pacific, Latin America, Research, Development, Global Operations, Finance and IT.


Further positions followed in managerial functions in organizing the start-up Metalor Dental AG&Z-Systems AG in medical technology, the global human resources management of the international logistics group Gondrand, and leadership and management of Human Resources Services of the international maintenance operations for aviation company SR Technics.


I always felt it was crucial to combine these professional assignments, from which I learned a great deal, with relevant continuing development and training. In addition to various workshops in leadership, public speaking for managers, change and project management and communication, I completed my Dipl. Financial Planner IGK, Swiss Federal Dipl. Head of Human Resources BVS and Master in Business Law FFHS.

Along with my specialist and professional experience, my focus is on the ability to assemble and develop teams: team-building. For the sustainable success of a company, from my own experience I believe it is essential to quickly identify the strengths of the different characters and cultures, and bring them together into an efficient and successful team. In doing so, you must be clear on what each individual’s contribution is. This challenge always intrigues me, and is at the same time one of my particular strengths in the social sphere.


In addition to the various experiences from the industry, I offer this also from an intercultural perspective. I have the benefit of cultural interactions from Asia (Japan, China, Korea, Indonesia, Taiwan, Australia), Latin America (Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Argentina), Europe, Eastern European countries, the USA and the United Arab Emirates.


I am pleased to be able to apply my many years of professional experience and my expertise from the various sectors, industries and cultures in a more tightly focused and meaningful way on a freelance basis.